EpiSphere as TRIO, new LIVE demo 2016:


EpiSphere is the band founded in 2013 by composer/multipercussionist Marco Epis.

He wrote strong melodic material that even with a few musicians can touch a large public.

EpiSphere plays only Marco's own compositions with a unique sound:

a fusion of jazz, world music,

lively funk and dreamy atmospheres, feels often like a soundtrack...

EpiSphere suits every budget and every occasion:

great as a trio for a cozy intimate concert,  including living room concerts,

or with more musicians for bigger gigs.

Marco Epis

compositions, drums, hang drums, percussion & vocals

Katrin Vandeputte


Artur Medvedev

acoustic tenor sax & electronic sax

Afrim Jahja

acoustic and electric guitar & vocals



Marco Epis             

0495 83 57 43

Katrin Vandeputte

0485 38 97 25

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